BrightMed Talks 2019

The famous BrightMed Talks are back. This event wil take place once again at Ince’s Hall on the 12th June from 9.00 to 12.00 in front of 300 hundred students of Gibraltar. The younger generation of Gibraltar is open and very engaging. It’s thriving for inspiration and diversity.

This year, in order to address the theme: OUT OF CHAOS, our speakers are from various countries and will deliver empowering speeches.Their high envolvement and competency in their respective industries (business, music, coaching, law, art...) will demonstrate their ability to make changes and teach our young people to become Transformation agents for their own communities.

The attendees to the BrightMed Talks will have the opportunity to be inspired by: Levi Attias, motivational and inspirational speaker; John Le Drew, Founder and Principal Consultant for Wise Noodles; Graham David, Managing Director of Blue Beetle Productions; Yan Delgado, founder of BrightMed and the Gibraltar World Music Festival; and Yochai Barak, musician and head of Diwan Saz.

The ambition of the BrightMed Talks, with the support of our sponsors and particularly to Kusuma Trust, is to reach 1,000 pupils from year 2020. 

Please join us in this fascinating journey.

BrightMed Talks 2019