Simone Weinberger

Baroness Simone Weinberger, widow David Susskind, born on October 19, 1947 in Brussels, is a Belgian politician from Brussels and a member of the Socialist Party. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and is a candidate in Econo- mics (ULB); Sociologist; Member of the Board of the RTBF (1992-96). She was President of the Jewish Lay Community Center (1985-1995); Wo- man of the Year in 1991; Founding President of Actions in the Mediterranean for the dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians as well as Judaeo-Arab in Belgium; Activist for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, women's rights and human rights; Vice-president of the Music Fund project, which promotes co-operation in the field of music education and aims to collect musical instruments for distribution to young people in countries in conflict; Member of the Bureau of the Belgian Socialist Party since 2000; Member of the Cabinet of Laurette Onkelinx, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of Belgium. In 2009, she activated and organised alongside Pierre Galand, a demonstration aimed at promoting European sanctions against Israel and indirectly supporting Israeli leaders' demands for condemnation. She is an activist deeply involved in numerous initiatives aiming at in particular, at consolidating dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian people ( "Give Peace a Chance"(1988), "Give Peace a Chance-Women speak out" (1989) followed by "Jerusalem Link – a Women’s joint venture for pe- ace"(1992)). In May 2007, she organized an Israeli-Palestinian conference on the reinforcement of the role of the European Union in the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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