BrightMed Musical Workshops 2019

Every journey of sound starts with the first step, whether the initial steps are created from a whisper or a roar, where this journey can take you, can be determined by the methods that are used to create a musical toolkit of signals and directions that allows us to extract and create beautifully ordered music structures from a sea of chaos.

The BrightMed Musical workshops will introduce musicians to spontaneous composing techniques, that encourages each musician to explore their own sound and at the same time creating an innovative, unique and original group sound, through being expertly directed with Sound, Tones, Notes, frequencies, noise & Visual stimulus. Experimental music, noise music, or free improvised music are terms that have been used to describe music beyond boundaries.     

The workshops will introduce the musicians to innovative music creation techniques, delivered through free improvisation and conducted by learning specific music signals taught on the spot through a technique termed “Sound Conduction”. experimental music, noise music, or free improvised music are terms that have been used to describe music beyond boundaries. 

After last year’s sucess (with more than 200 students at Ince’s Hall) BrightMed returns to stage another celebration of music in a dazzling series of workshops. Orphy Robinson MBE has developed these particular strategies for the Workshops and will be leading them with the assistance of Lester Batchelor, Dee Byrne and Mohammed Nazam. The course has more of an emphasis on playing and performance and they will create two pieces that will be performed during the BrightMed Talks at Ince’s Hall on the 12th June. This gives the students the opportunity of having a lesson that is more focused on their individual needs.

Jazz Fm broadcaster Ruth Fisher will compere the workshop performances at the Talks. Fisher has established an enviable and well deserved reputation for in-depth, enthusiastic and informative interviews. Interviewing some of the biggest names in music on her high profile Jazz Fm weekly shows, while also introducing some of the best new talent on the international music scene to a wider audience. Ruth herself is a product of the world famous Purcell music school. This will be her 3rd year at the Gibraltar World music festival.

BrightMed Musical Workshops 2019