Singer, songwriter and actress Liraz Charhi has wowed crowds with her performances of stage, sound, and screen. In this groundbreaking musical project Liraz sought to combine modern sounds and beats with the ethnic flavour from her persian roots. Liraz's family emigrated to Israel during the 70’s at the brink of the Iranian Revolution, and the inspiration from Persian culture and traditional Iranian music can still be heard in her modern renditions. During one of her visits to Los Angeles, which is known for its large Persian expatriate community, aka 'Tehrangeles', Liraz was exposed to the counter-revolutionary sounds of singers such as the legendary Googoosh and the renowned Dariush. The mixture of beats with Iranian influences of the 1970’s translates into Liraz's desire to integrate her family's history with her own. This inspiration is what fueled her interest to work with the acclaimed beats producer Rejoicer (Raw Tapes). Liraz blends her Iranian heritage with Los Angeles driven beats to create a truly rich mix of Middle Eastern spice and clean-cut beats. Liraz's upcoming album boasts both cover and original songs originally written by Charchi herself and a handful of Iranian musicians. Like her personal story, the album moves between exotic sounds that are upgraded by fresh beats sampled by Rejoicer. In short, Liraz takes you on a musical journey from the vintage streets of Tehran, to spicy Tel Aviv, and back down to the DTLA beats scene!










LINE-UP 2023