Levi Attias

Levi Attias has broad experience as a motivational and inspirational speaker. For over 25 years, Levi has been a popular and regular contributor on Gibraltar Radio’s early morning programme “Pause for Reflection” and more recently on Gibraltar Television’s “Thoughts for the Weekend”.

Additionally, Levi has been guest speaker at seminars and workshops held, inter alia, by the Lynwood Fellowship and Val Williams MSNU in the U.K. and Angels House University in Thessaloniki, Greece. He has also spoken at Oxford University on the political future of Jerusalem and has lectured at different venues in Spain and Gibraltar on subjects related, inter alia, to Judaism including at the University of Jaen’s Department for Middle East studies. Levi was one of the speakers at the Seminar on the Treaty of Utrecht held in Gibraltar and the Seminar hosted by the Islamic Association of Andalucia. Levi was guest speaker at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary’s annual Open Day.

Levi’s speaking engagements have covered a wide range of topics and interests, particularly with regard to inter-faith matters having been Chair of the Gibraltar Inter-faith Group; he also addressed the launch of ‘Understanding Gibraltar’.

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