Lester Batchelor

Lester is a Creative Director, Musician, Composer, Song Writer, Event Producer. Lester’s passion for music began as a young child growing up in London inspired by exuberant music played everyday at home. His mixed heritage parents from Hispanic and Caribbean backgrounds immersed him into a rich mix of music. His mother originates from Portugal and born in Cuba and his father from Panamanian and Jamaican parentage. Lester started playing the Bass guitar while studying design at university and by the time he graduated Lester had already written several songs and composed an albums worth of music. He founded the Brit Funk band ATMOSFEAR and they released a piece of music that entered the top 30 British Pop charts on the first attempt. This immediate success resulted in Lester becoming an MCA / Universal recording artist. Further hits followed, by now the band were firmly established internationally with the best DJ’s in London, New York and Parisian night clubs and disco’s of the time, like Paradise Garage NY, The Loft NY, and Café de Paris. Lester’s musical exploits, was only one expression of his creativity. His professional career blossomed equally at the same time.

BrightMed Musical Workshops 2019