Jane Murray

Founder of Peacebeam, Jane is a lawyer and former venture capitalist who spent 20 years investing in start-up/early stage companies particularly in telecommunications software and mobile networks. She has also spent a decade teaching Fourth Way philosophy and mysticism in London. This is an unusual combination that has enabled her to bridge the divide between the two worlds of materialism and spirituality that are beginning to coalesce at the frontier of technology.

Passionate about reconnecting humanity to its unique and ancient human technologies of empathy, compassion and kindness through the modern technology of digital communication, Jane believes that we can create the solutions to the existential problems we face as a collective. After closing the VC fund in 2015 she founded Peacebeam, first as a social experiment and now as a tech start-up converting wellbeing into worldbeing. Peacebeam draws together peacebuilding, kind-fulness, connection, blockchain and cryptocurrency in a way that has the potential to dissolve borders, both internal and external.

BrightMed International Seminar 2018 - New technologies and impact in borders