The Diwan Saz ensemble collects the sparks of traditional music from the past and transcribes it into sacred contemporary music.

We believe in the power of music which can provoke a feeling of healing and liberation.

In the past 8 years we performed in many festivals around the world in front of a diverse audience.

From New York to India, from a mosque to a synagogue, we were fascinated by the ability of our music to create a dialogue and rise above any controversy or politics.

We feel very grateful for that. this is the essence of music for us.


Yochai Barak
Yochai was the founder and creator of Diwan Saz. Studying and traveling throughout Europe, Israel, Turkey and India, Yochai has learned from and performed with noted musicians like Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Kutla Khan and Mehmed Erenler. Yohai has transformed Diwan Saz from a small group of students and friends, into one of the most gifted ensembles representing the music of the Middle and Near East. Diwan Saz is a shining example of how cultures and peoples of all regions can unite in the dialog of music.
Amir Shasar
Amir was born in Rashet, Iran in 1964. He was born into a musical family. Amir studied the classical flute called ney. In spite of his family's disapproval of him becoming a musician Amir went on to study traditional, classical singing. Amir arrived in Israel in 1989. A master of Iranian traditional singing and of the ney. During the last 17 years he has played live and recorded with the best artists in Israel as well as guest artists from out of the country. He has accompanied Omar Faruk, Ross Dally, Micaelis Nicoladis, Jivan Gasparyen, and Yasmin Levy.
Rabbi David Menahem
Rabbi David Menachem is a musician and composer. Born in 1980, he grew up in the old neighborhoods of Jerusalem among cantors and Kabbalists. From a young age he has performed with Iraqi musicians from The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) and the Arabic Orchestra. Performing in concerts and festivals both in Israel and abroad, Rabbi Menachem plays an active role in the revival of the world of Jewish Middle-Eastern music, and more than that he plays an important role in promoting peace in the middle east especially by gathering religious leaders from the area, promoting peace together.
Lubna Salameh
Born and raised in Haifa, Lubna demonstrated her singing abilities at a young age, performing in school and various vocal competitions. In 1997, Lubna joined the prestigious “Arabic Orchestra of Nazareth” as a lead singer. She has performed internationally in Europe, America, Jordan, Morocco and Palestine.
Udi Ben Knaan
A multi-instrumentalist, producer, and musical explorer, Udi was well-educated in Classical Western Music and Eastern Music. Born in the Negev city of Beer Sheva, Udi began playing guitar at the age of 15 and was patrt of the legendary Israeli world music group, “Sheva.” Udi studied the Varnasi Sitar Traditiion in India with Govinda Go Swami. In Greece, he studied saz, lira, and Afghan Rabbab with Ross Daly. His special love of Turkish and Greek Music is uniquely combined with his ability to fuse traditional and modern music together.
Tzipporah El-Rei
Tzipporah studied several singing styles at the “Academy of Eastern Music” in Jerusalem. Now focusing on Turkish singing of the Sufi-Baktashi stream. Tzipporah sings with several ensembles including Ladino, Greek Rembetiko, and Traditional Turkish Music. Tzipporah lives in the Judean Desert where she is raising two children and where she receives much of her inspiration.
Eayl Luman
Eyal received his first musical inspiration from his grandfather who was a famed pianist in the Czech Republic. He began his musical journey as a jazz and rock drummer, than became interested in the world of Middle Eastern Music and Percussion and started playing the darbuka, daf, and rik. He studied Indian Tabla with Einav Baraam and with Steven Fine,with the legendary Israeli percussionist Zohar Fresco.
Rani Lorentz
Rani grew up in a musical family and began performing all over Israel as a bass player at the age of fifteen in his father’s band. He spent a year in South Africa studying the music of the continent and recorded an album dedicated to African Music. In 2004, Rani toured the World with the group “Sheva” and in 2011, toured India as part of the initiative of the Indian and Israeli Embassies. Rani has performed and recorded with dozens of Israeli artists including Dayan Kaplan and Mark Eliyahu.

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