ANNA RF is an Electro Ethnic Reggae band who creates music that combines the beauty of different cultures and brings people together in a joyful celebration of unity. The group’s sound is a mix between east & west, their vision stands for blending ancient and modern instruments with a live-electronic touch.

Their shows are known as parties and people are coming to dance and feel free. The band exists since 2012. In these years they performed in many countries in big crowded festivals as Ozora, Ancient trance festival, Psi Fi, Edinburgh fringe festival and many more.

In 2016 the band was chosen by YouTube to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican to speak about the positive messages of unity in our songs. In June 2018 their fourth album “Flight Mode” was released! The phrase anna RF is an Arabic-Hebrew expression which has a double meaning – “I know” and “I don’t know”, That stand for the philosophy of the group.


Roy Smila
Born in Israel in 1980, to an Indian origin mother and to Tunisian origin father. His musical journey Began at the age of 16, playing instruments such as electric guitar and bass guitar. During a trip to the East, when he was 19, he was exposed to many ancient ethnic Instruments, and his musical investigation began. Three years he studied eastern violin with the master and Oriental International Artist – Yair Dalal. Then, studied Lyra, Ancient bow instrument from the island of Crete, Greece, in Music school directed by Ross Daly, a master and an international artist. In 2003, Roy was exposed for the first time to the Kamancha, following a performance by Mark Eliyahu from Israel that was his first Kamancha teacher for 4 years. From Mark’s father, Peretz Eliyahu, a great master in the ancient music, Roy studied for many years. His speciality on Kamancha, Roy made with the great master and International Kamancha Artist – Imamyar Hasanov from Azerbaijan.
Ofir J. Rock
Ofir J. Rock was born in 1986. The vocalist and Guitarist of Anna RF. He started playing Guitar and established “VENDETTA” – an Israeli Hard Rock band. Later on he started producing Electronic Ethnic music – and created “Masala Music and Spirit”. The project was very successful on YouTube – and it became a world music label. Now days living in “Shaharut” desert – and traveling around the world with Anna RF.


Or Raveh
Dubtazer is Or Raveh, a musical producer who specialises in the bass music Genres. Raveh’s musical styles range from Dub and Glitch hop through Breaks, Hip Hop and more. His music is influenced by a wide selection of sounds that are skillfully sampled and recorded into his tracks, from middle eastern instruments and vocal tracks to 1940’s swing records alongside cutting edge synthesis Dubtazer’s music always a colourful mix. His live performances consist of a unique remixing style of his raw materials using Ableton live, vocal loopers and audio to midi applications to get a truly live and unique set at each performance.

Anna RF







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