Kathryn Temple

Kath Temple is an inspiring and energising MSc Business Psychologist, NLP Master and Trainer, and Executive Coach. As the winner of the 2008 Business Person of the Year Award, and a finalist in the 2009 Business with Community Impact, Kath is passionate about making a difference and leaving a legacy of lasting social change. Kath is the CEO of The Lifelong Learning Company, which she established in 1995. She also founded World Change Agents, Happiness Magazine, and The Happiness Foundation which promotes positive psychology and improves mental health and well-being. As a lifelong learner herself, psychologist Kathryn Temple launched The Lifelong Learning Company in 1995. Kath worked in media and PR for Tenneco, Alcan’s High Duty Alloys, and BNFL at Sellafield, representing her companies on TV, radio and with high profile visitors such as the Queen, Prime Minister and senior government officials. She also freelanced for BBC Radio Cumbria and had her own phone-in Newsline show at BNFL. Following a move from the Lake District to Suffolk, Kath worked for Suffolk Education, Norfolk Education, and the Department for Education & Science. She was appointed by the Secretary of State for Education to the Special Educational Needs & Disability Tribunal as one of the first 69 Specialist Members for England & Wales.

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