Gordon Grant

Originating from Glasgow, Scotland, Gordon has had a life long creative passion in art and in music and developed his love for photography over the last ten years. Living and working locally for the last five years, with a love for nature and vistas coupled with a keen eye for detail, he has a talent for capturing a moment beautifully. As the lead creative eye and founder of Colores Andalucia events, between DJing and promoting, Gordon finds himself immersed in the outdoors and traveling, capturing and working on new ideas and shots infectiously. He currently has work on display in Gibraltar Face Frames Gallery and in Cafe Solo restaurant in Casemates Square. His centrepiece is the stunning ´Between and a Rock and a Stargaze´ which was captured and developed with life long friend Gary Thompson. This remarkable photograph shows the sheer scale of Gibraltar in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

BrightMed Exhibition 2019